Phoneography Challenge: Macro – Molten Magic

Molten Magic

A fire in the fireplace. Taken with an iPhone 4 and edited in Snapseed. 12.8.13


Molten Magic2

A fire in the fireplace. Taken with an iPhone 4 and edited in Snapseed. This one is flipped over. 12.8.13

This is as close as I could get with my iPhone to a shot of a fire in our fireplace.  I most definitely cropped it… there was no way either my phone or I were going to get THAT close to the fire!  I  was trying to keep both a sense of the fire and abstract it.  I then took the same photo and flipped it (second one).  Tell me which one you like better.

As always, I welcome comments on this or any other part of my blog.


Phoneology Challenge

To participate and see more Macro entries, visit Lens and Pens by Sally.

13 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Macro – Molten Magic

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  2. Meghan Deinhard Also FireBonnet

    Thank you so much Janet. You could have commented below instead of through FB. Or do you mean FB made you log in. I hate that! I've found if I'm already on FB on another tab, I don't have to log in when I comment. Thank you again for leaving the comment!

  3. Janet Webb

    Have to say I like them both. 🙂 Makes me miss our wood-burning stove. (Why in the world to I have to log on via FB to post a comment? Normally I wouldn't bother, but I did want to say I liked the photos.)


  4. Meghan Post author

    Thank you Sally. I’m going to see what I can do now with my camera, it’ll be easier to get closer and get some dimension.

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  6. Sally

    Nicely captured–I’m intrigued by fire and trying to give it its visual due. I particularly like the second one. In their abstraction both have a painterly quality. Happy Phoneography Monday.

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