Phoneography Challenge: B&W – Eye of the Sunflower

Eye of the Sunflower

A sunflower in a bouquet from my husband (converted to B&W). Taken with an iPhone 4 and edited in Snapseed. 11.16.13

By converting this image to black and white (the flower is a very bright yellow) the viewer is able to focus on the textures and shapes of the flower.  I can’t help but see an eye looking back at me!

As always I’d love to hear your comments on this post or any part of my blog.  See you next week with the next challenge!!!!



Phoneology Challenge

10 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: B&W – Eye of the Sunflower

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  3. Sally

    The composition and conversion give an other-worldly effect. And yes, it does seem eye-like. Well done. Happy Phoneography Monday.

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