Phoneography: B&W – Philodendron Bipinnatifidum

This past weekend I was out with my camera and found a very large Lacy-tree Philodendron.

It was morning and the light shed interesting shadows on the tree, and the patterns of the leaves themselves were fascinating. Because there was so much visual texture, I thought it would make a good black and white (almost abstract) shot.


Recently, I downloaded an app called Photo Editor to my android tablet and thought I’d see what it could do. I’m really pleased with the variety of treatments that worked well with the black and white lacy leaves. Just click on one of the images to see a larger image slide show.

If you are having a little trouble recognizing this plant, here is the original color capture.

Philodendron Bipinnatifidum
Philodendron Bipinnatifidum

We had a smaller one of these when I was in college… we called him Sully Plant. I have no idea where the name came from. Do you name your plants?

As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of this blog. Please visit Lens and Pens by Sally to see some amazing black and white phoneograpy.


13 thoughts on “Phoneography: B&W – Philodendron Bipinnatifidum

  1. This is a great app-I do not know if it is available for iPhone, but I really like the effects you get with it-I particularly like the bottom three images for the detail and light-

  2. I thought that too about the ice. That light one is pretty special. As for the last challenge of the month, I’m actually thinking of using one or two of these as the base of a ‘painting’… we’ll see. Thank you so much for commenting!

  3. Thanks Justine! I only have a few I use on my phone. Now that I have a tablet, it’s so much easier to use than the little screen on the phone.

  4. It was huge! I’ve never seen one so large. I have a bunch of other images taken with my Lumix, but this one was a phoneography challenge, so I’ll save them … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Meghan, the top center one looks like an ice sculpture. I also like the one that has the bit of light in the center. Isn’t it fun playing with the editing apps? ๐Ÿ™‚ Your entry would have been just right for the last challenge of this month.


  6. My fav one is out of that collage is the one that has that sparkle of light! they are all super beautiful! I am going to have to check out that app! I have been searching for a good photo editor on my android tablet and havent found one yet so I will grab this one and check it out!
    And YES I name my plants!!!! So does my brother BOL! We had a plant named Doris and we talked to her all the time!!!

    แƒฆ husky hugz แƒฆ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. It’s amazing how photo aps can change the look of things. WordPress just had an article on photo aps and some new ideas. My phone has two pages of phone aps til it got wiped however I only ever used two aps ๐Ÿ˜‰ great pic x

    Ps I liked the end b/w pics best

  8. The image on the last row in the center kept me looking. I like the way the light flows across the leaves, its lines and veins. Happy Phoneography Challenge.

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