Philosocat Jack Contemplates a Threshold

Philosocat Jack here contemplating the deeper nature of a threshold.

A threshold is a point of entering; that point just before a new beginning — that split-second moment in time, full of anticipation.
~Krista Stevens, The WordPress Daily Post

Ms. Stevens speaks about beginnings. The very first definition of this word in is:

1. the sill of a doorway


Wouldn’t that mean a threshold is not just a beginning, but a series of beginnings? After all, I go in over it, and I go out over it.  I  begin again by going out. A new beginning is a choice in every moment. Perhaps now you can understand the dilemma we cats experience when we are at an open door.

go in stay out

go in to be

go in hokey pokey

Cats like doors left open — in case they change their minds.
~Rosemary Nisbet

An open door does make it easier for us cats to ponder whether in is out or out is in. Perhaps if humans spent more time leaving  doors open, they would find peace in the paradoxical nature of a threshold.

~Philosocat Jack~

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10 thoughts on “Philosocat Jack Contemplates a Threshold

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  7. Justine

    Lol I love that. Your having loads of fun with that ap aren’t you! I love the cartoons but the mirroring was almost making me dizzy I might bang my head against the door !!!

  8. Patricia Brown

    Our cats were always on the wrong side of the door, changing their minds erratically. Interesting to me when I lived in Slovakia was to learn that Praha (Prague) means "threshold." It is the step into Eastern Europe. That might make a good name for a cat…Praha.

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