Oracle of Surpise

A surprise creative challenge happened to me in March involving oracle cards, and I’d love to share it!


I joined a thought-provoking challenge on Instagram with Kristen of Over the Moon Oracle Cards. I did it on a whim. I saw it perhaps a week before it started, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do as I waited for spring to arrive. I was already doing a personal creative challenge with my art (#30daysofartplay) and my photo a day (#firebonnetphoto2017) so I wanted another kind of creative exploration. I settled on creating the cards in digital form on my iPhone 6s using photo/art apps and then printing them out on card stock.

“Oracle cards. Unlike the tarot, there is less tradition and structure in an oracle card deck. They come with any number of cards, with or without a reference book and they may be designed around a particular theme (like romance or healing) or call on particular deities (like angels or ascended masters).”  Aug 27, 2014

Why would I want to create an oracle deck? I like the idea of visually capturing a feeling tone, or mystical connection, with a concept or an archetype. And I love any excuse for introspection!

I loved the process! I would mull over the prompt for the day and then go find an image (free online for the most part) and start playing with it in an app until it intuitively hit me right. I used the Enlight app primarily and the deck began to reflect its own style as I went along. Even when I created art (cards 6, 7 & 13) I’d take a photo of it and run it through the app to keep up consistency. Click on an image below and arrow through to see the prompt and the image together.

At this point, the cards themselves are still holding their meanings. I have yet to make a guidebook for the cards. It’s possible I never will. I might just let them be visual, with the brief few words answering any questions I might ask in a reading. I don’t know.

What I do know is this was so fun I decided to make another deck of cards. I’m joining #the100dayproject this year with a challenge of my own. #100daysofwoodlandcronewisdom I’m combining three things I’m really interested in now and want to spend 100 days with. 1. The woodland here on the ranch, and all the unique flora and fauna. 2. Oracle cards and archetypal lore. 3. Learning how to be a juicy crone. My goal? To have a draft deck of reading cards imbued with crone wisdom done in a nature theme complete by the end of the 100 days. How will I document the daily effort? In an art journal of course! My creative inner child wants to play with her art while adult creative makes digital art… so the art journal is all hers. Here is how the journal is shaping up.

If you want to follow on this 100 day journey with me (it began on April 4, 2017), you can do so on Instagram (follow my @happy.hands.create account) or on my Facebook page: Meghan aka Firebonnet (don’t forget to Follow, not just “like” to see the posts in your daily feed). I am excited as I have no idea where this project will lead, but as Julia Cameron says:

“Okay, Higher Power, you take care of the quality; I’ll take care of the quantity.”

I’m showing up artistically everyday!!!!!!!

Thank you my friends for showing up for me and witnessing my artistic expression as it has transformed through the past few years. You are wonderful! Which of the cards in my surprise deck speaks to you?

Kisses and hugs,

2 thoughts on “Oracle of Surpise

  1. Kristen @Over the Moon Oracle Cards

    Hooray! I love your deck and hearing about your art process. I especially love the Spiral and Renewal cards! Glad you were inspired by my challenge to do another intriguing deck. I would love to include this post in my Create This Oracle Deck course to inspire others. Best to you with #the100dayproject!!

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