My Wondrous Week – Beginnings

2016 was a wondrous year for me personally.

I found my spiritual center, established self-nurturing habits, and created art regularly with newfound joy. What I didn’t do is keep up my blog, I was a most haphazard blogger! I am hoping to renew Meghan aka FireBonnet this year with a schedule I can keep and maintain my balance. Perhaps a peek at my week is something I can manage, and you, my beloved reader will enjoy.

Here is the first wondrous week of January 2017 from my creative eye view.

Play With Your Art

On October 30, 2016 I began a daily personal challenge I call #playwithyourart.  It is a date with my creative child within. I think of it as a time for her to create with joy and abandon and no thought of being judged. As the creative adult, I am in partnership with her, and may guide the child creative, but not overtake or overwhelm. It is a sacred time when I meet with this darling, impish, colorful child and allow her to shine with my loving attention. Even better I get to co-create with her.

Now on month three, I am discovering each month requires its own journal. This #playwithyourart month, which began on the new moon in Capricorn, December 30, 2016, needed a handmade journal to create in directly each day.


It’s been enjoyable working with the different textures and sounds of the unique papers I used in the journal. Here are the art journal pages I created this first week of 2017. Click on one of the pics for the slide show with detailed captions.

Get Messy Season of Gifts, Week 5

Get Messy Art Journal 2016 is almost over with one more week left in the current season of gifts. I made two pages this week as part of my Get Messy Habit.

Week five of #seasonofgifts. I love this quote… So much to ponder. Then I found this quirky photo by Helen van Meene in a magazine and simply had to adorn the lady in pink with glitter pen designs. I think of myself sometimes as a patchwork mystic so she suits me well. #creativemystic

Another for week five of #seasonofgifts. Creative hands are happy hands and can create peace, prosperity and compassion in this world.  For more of my Get Messy work this year, here is my #firebonnetart on Instagram.

49/52 self portraits in my 52 portraits class

The word I chose to inform 2017 for me is Root. Last year was Blossom (which I did in many ways). I’m sticking with the plant analogy… I am going to root and bloom where I am planted, finding the nourishment in the here and now, yet with connection to all that has come before. Here is my personal triple goddess portrait: maiden (age 17), mother (age 38), crone (today age 60). It’s time to own all my strengths, come to terms with my weaknesses and love all of me. Until I have moved the portraits here to my blog, you can see the rest of them in the Instagram album, #megs52portraits.

Wondrous Winter

It’s my first year spending winter on the Deinhard ranch here in McCall. I grew up in the mountains of New England and Colorado so snow is not new to me, it’s just been a long time since I’ve lived in it. I knew I missed it, but I had no idea how much. I am gobsmacked and smitten with the beauty of this mountain winter. Hubby bought me snowshoes and I walk around the property every day, snow or shine taking in the minimalist, crisp, winnowed landscape. Here are a few images from a sunny then a snowy day last week in brief slide shows.

This post is longer than my ideal post, but it is written (see me jumping up and down with glee) and posted only two days late (a little smaller gleeful jump). I have another 51 wondrous weeks to refine my style. What would you like to see me post about?

As always, I am so pleased you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

Meghan aka…

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