My Heart is Full


You make my heart happy my dear husband,

Today is our four-year anniversary and I smile every time I think of you.

Do you remember your wedding vows to me?

Meghan, If you desire it you deserve it. If you can envision it, you will have it.

I promise to make you cry

To make you laugh

To hold you when you need comfort.

To tell you words of adoration

To be mischievous

To be playful

To love you.

Pretty simple yet so profound. I remember making a face when you promised to make me cry, but truly, how could you not? We are human and have our moments, and that’s what is so delicious about loving relationships. They give us the opportunity to express who we really are in a safe and sheltered place. For me that place is in your arms, and in your heart, and in your sparkling eyes.



What do I love about you today?

I love that you think I am beautiful even when I don’t wear makeup on this almost 60-year-old face.

I love that you think I’m sexy, and recognize and treasure the powerful woman I am.

I love that you built me an incredible art studio even though you do insist on calling it an art hut (see me smile).

I love when you -bleep- my -bleep- then caress my -bleep- and then -bleep- (sorry, this blog is rated G).

I could go on and on, and will when I see you (sexy wink), but I’ll leave it at four for our four years. We are just beginning our marvelous adventure together and my heart is ready for 40 more years.

Timothy, You are my mind-mate, my sensual skin kisser, my emotional tether, my soul’s soaring playmate, my prince in engineer’s clothing and my everyday blue jeans partner. 

Would you continue to be my infinite playmate?

How lovely, my heart pitter-patters as I say that… big happy sigh.

Your devoted FireBonnet



The art hut that Tim built.

6 thoughts on “My Heart is Full

  1. littledogslaughed

    That is beautiful Meghan–Happy Anniversary and here’s to many more-and yes, post pics of your art space. I find it fascinating to see where creativity is hatched and set free-

  2. Meghan Post author

    Then I should take pictures right now! I’ll see what I can do :). My bff said the same kind of thing. She said people really want to see artist’s spaces. I might just have to make a video! Thank you N

  3. nharvey

    Happy Anniversary! What a lovely tribute. You’re both very blessed to have found one another. (And would love to see some interior shots of that fabulous art hut–the messier and more used, the better!)

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