M: A Succulent Miracle

‘A Succulent Miracle’ might be a play on words, but nonetheless this succulent is a miraculous world unto itself.

Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.

C. S. Lewis


Taken with a Lumix FZ35, ©Meghan Deinhard 2014

I took this photo when I was in the San Diego area about a month ago. The plant itself is simply beautiful… thriving and fulfilling its genetic self. There is something about this photo that fills my heart whenever I look at it. Perhaps it’s the subtlety of color, or the bright red peppers in the background, blurred but a prominent part of the image. I just know that I love it. In a way, the miracle of the plant is enriched by my capturing this moment.

miracles 3

Taken with a Lumix FZ35, ©Meghan Deinhard 2014

I was delighted to have the perfect light to capture its color and texture. There is no post-processing done on any of these images beyond a little cropping.

miracles 2

Taken with a Lumix FZ35, ©Meghan Deinhard 2014

Look at those luscious colors… gold, mango and green, cream and a lavender blush… colors to feed the soul. May we all be as beautiful in our expression of our genetic selves.

Thank you for visiting. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. I’m linking to Ese’s Shoot and Quote, with the word whole.


For Miracle

For Miracle


13 thoughts on “M: A Succulent Miracle

  1. Meghan Post author

    Thanks! It’s been quite the extra challenge to weave the A-Z into my usual weekly posting schedule especially when I’m not sure what some of the photo topics for my challenges will be ahead of time. Sometimes its a flurry of activity, sometimes the post is written days ahead. Quite fun!

  2. Meghan Post author

    Thank you so much! I’ve heard the term hens and chicks. Honestly I don’t know if that’s what they are, but hens and chicks are succulents too so they are in the same family at least! I hope you can visit California sometime!

  3. Donetta

    Gorgeous photos. The flower reminds me of a plant my grandmother adored as I was growing up. Now that she has passed, it keeps blooming. I’m in southwestern Va. and I’m not sure ‘Chickens & Roosters’ is the proper name for the plant she had/ I have. That’s what everyone around here calls them. These, too, are gorgeous in color. Visiting California is a huge dream of mine.

  4. Meghan Post author

    Thanks Yvette! I was so lucky, the light was perfect. There was no need for post processing beyond cropping and framing.

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