Loving Abstract Artwork

roiling sky webI am so thrilled to work as an artist finally.  And more than that I’m like a kid in a candy store when I go to Photoshop Elements and start playing!  I discovered textures a month or so ago by networking with other artists on Fine Art America and became inspired!  Check out these awesome images by a few of my favorite textural artists, Barbara St JeanLoriental Photography and Barbara Orenya.



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I began with looking for “free” textures to add to my existing photographs.  Textures are images that are overlaid on your photo in PeopleSoft Elements (or other image editing program) and then adjusted in all sorts of ways to get the desired effect.  I found an awesome site:  The Coffee Shop Blog for free textures.  I am extremely happy with the way my first few “experiments” came out.  When you see these bird images in a larger scale you will notice the texture is sheet music.  You will find these images and more in my online gallery Digital Textures & Enhancements.


I was then inspired to use my digital art tools to make more abstract images by some wonderful artists who have now become friends, Omaste Witkowski and Betsy Jones.

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SO… I started playing with texture and color on PeopleSoft Elements and took a few of my photographs and transformed them.  Here are some of my earliest color-filled abstracts.  You will find these image and more in my online gallery Abstract Art.  It’s a challenge for me to depart from what my family might think of as the norm.  Abstract art doesn’t do a thing for my husband (apparently neither does unstructured jazz), so I have to rely on my artist friends to give me feedback on these.  My mom says it has taken her awhile to get used to my newest work, but really likes the image in my gallery called Fairy Forest.  Beauty is TRULY in the eye of the beholder.

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Each time I find a new technique I become motivated to explore more. I have no doubt that I will be adding to my repertoire and creating new work inspired by images others create as I try to figure out …. “How did they do that?”  Often as I work to recreate something I see, I stumble over a process that results in something nowhere near what I was looking for but TOTALLY cool. :)

I encourage you to comment on my work and tell me what you think!  There are comment boxes under each of the pieces on my FAA site, but you can also comment here, just refer to the title of the piece.

This phase of my life is so very exciting, and as I widen my social network it becomes a treat to wake up each morning to visit with my friends all over the world to exchange ideas, humor, art and cats…. what can I say?  Cats Rule!  ;)


7 thoughts on “Loving Abstract Artwork

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  2. tim

    ….”cats rule”…???…..don’t tell Cooper…he will reply,”I outsell the cats and win more contests!”

  3. FireBonnet Post author

    To which I replied:

    Thank you so much Jim! We all have our talents and honestly I never expected my work to go in this direction… You do things I will never do with your exceptional photographic abilities. It’s great fun to get to know you and your work. Thanks again for stopping by.

  4. FireBonnet Post author

    jfantasma on May 29, 2013 at 9:50 pm said:

    You are definitely better at it then me. Wow these are excellent! I need to learn how to be more creative with my photography but my problem is I am my own worst critic and I don’t really have a creative mind. Love your set and glad I stopped by!

  5. FireBonnet Post author

    I responded:

    oh my gosh… coming from you Barbara that is an amazing compliment. Thank you Sooooo much. See my big grin!

  6. FireBonnet Post author

    Barbara St. Jean on May 21, 2013 at 7:07 pm said:

    Totally awesome!! You have found your calling, your so good at this. Love reading your blog and what a surprise to see one of my images, thanks so much!! Have a great evening and until I read you again, cheers!!

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