Love Letters

I was looking for packaging to send my kid a pair of jeans today and came across the draft of a love letter I wrote to my honey, written on the back of a manila bubble wrap envelope … It was sometime within the past year since the envelope came to me here in Camarillo.

Tim and I have written thousands of words of love to each other during the past 19 months. We are very verbal and expressive people. Most of it was email and texts but we do our part to support the card industry and US Post Office.

As you can see from the accompanying pictures we have given each other probably a couple of hundred cards… Some romantic, many funny and a few really mushy ones.

I am more verbose and so write the kind of thing I did on the envelope. But I’m also pretty goofy (who me?) and recently wrote one that was covered in x’s, o’s and cartoon hearts (I mean edge to edge top to bottom). Even tho Tim’s are briefer, his sentiments are as deep (and he gives me bouquets a couple of times a month… big happy sigh). We truly enjoy spoiling each other with all kinds of expressions of love.

At this point you might be gagging from the super sweet romance oozing from this post… but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it! Lol.


P.S. And no you are not supposed to be able to read the full text of the love letter! 😉

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