Look Up, Look Down: Sepia Snails

Iā€™m looking down at snails this week for my Look Up, Look Down feature.

As this is also Sepia Saturday, I decided to have some fun and give the featured gastropods a different sepia treatment. In the spring at my old apartment complex, the early morning sprinklers brought out bevies of them.

Slimy and slippery,
Snails are such fun.
Slowly they move,
They can’t even run!

Leaving their trail
Behind as they go.
You can see where they’ve been
And how very slow.

On their back is a shell,
It’s really their home.
It’s ever so small,
But it goes where they roam.

On stalks are their eyes,
That wave all around.
One can point up,
And one to the ground!

Mollusc yoga.

They eat lots of plants,
And all of the flowers.
Munching away,
Especially in showers.

Shiny and slippery,
Snails are such fun.
They eat and they eat,
They must weigh a ton!

Ā©2002 Gareth Lancaster


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12 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down: Sepia Snails

  1. Gareth Lancaster’s poem is wrong on so many levels (or Gareth Lancaster’s pome is wring on so many levels).

  2. Some great shots there Megan I really don’t know how you find such random things to photograph lol and I feel odd saying a great pic of a snail but it is x

  3. Well, with constant sprinklers, even a dry California can spawn some snails. (although these shots were taken in 2011) Happy Sepia Saturday back at ya.

  4. You are hilarious! What can I say? I’m not a gardener… and I DID say the snails were at my apartment complex so for me they were merely interesting ‘models’. I am rather fond of the one doing mollusc yoga… šŸ˜‰

  5. I am really annoyed by snails in my garden – but one of my favorite art lessons had to do with snail shells – so I am 50-50 on these little creatures.

    and in this post – you made them look so beautiful here with the sepia tone and rich close-ups-
    also – the poem was “okay” – but the author must not be a gardener to write that they eat all the flowers and to then say “Snails are such fun.” (really?)

    have a nice day!

  6. Wow a whole post about snails. For some reason that never crossed my mind. Very true, they are slow and sometimes they leave their shells all over the place. We’ve been dry here in CA without rain so I haven’t seen much snails. Happy Sepia Saturday!

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