Look Up, Look Down: Insects Below!

I was lucky not to disturb these two insects when I discovered them, so I could capture them with my camera.

insect butterfly


Our ranch in Idaho has so many delicious views, whether you are looking up or down, into the distance or right under your nose. Whatever else I do when I visit, I always carry a camera. These were both taken with an iPhone. As insects go these are much more attractive than the dead one in my post earlier this week… It Bugs Me 😛 .

As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog. I invite you to find more wonderful up and down perspective photographs at Travel With Intent!


10 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down: Insects Below!

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  2. Meghan Post author

    Thanks! And Ruckus, I bet you would have all sorts of interesting things looking down, you are so much closer to the little things we can’t see. But the best thing ever would be if you could share the stuff you SMELL! (ok maybe not the really gross stuff).

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  4. Susan Willett

    One of the children's books I'm writing is one that teaches kids to be more observant…particularly the little things. It's based on the idea of a micro-hike: exploring things in a very small area on the ground. Your post is a perfect example of the types of things you discover when you just stop and look.

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