Look Up, Look Down: Great Horned Owl

A Great Horned Owl Nestling
great horned owl

Whooo Are You?

I love taking photos from different perspectives and decided to join a photo challenge called Look Up, Look Down at the blog Travel with Intent.

In 2011 a Great Horned Owl pair made a nest in the middle of the university campus where I worked. I was able to get lots of photographs of the family of three chicks as they grew up.  Here is my favorite.  Believe me, I had to look way up to find these little guys! Not to mention trying to find them in their matching surroundings.

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10 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down: Great Horned Owl

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  2. Meghan Post author

    That is really cool. Perhaps he was just visiting. You would hear them more often if it was a nesting place. We were lucky at the university, there is a bird of prey sanctuary there.

  3. becca givens

    Wonderful capture — I’ve not seen an owl during the day. One night, after hearing an eerie noise, I had to investigate … caught sight of a huge horned owl in our massive oak tree with a flashlight. In the twenty years in our old home – I’ve only heard the sound twice.

  4. Meghan Post author

    I took photos almost everyday for six weeks of these fellows as they hatched and grew. (DSL no iPhone… I’d never have found them without a telephoto lens they were so hidden.) It was such a privilege to document them.

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