In my very first post for the Look Up, Look Down Challenge I featured a Great Horned Owl chick (here).

I thought this week I’d post a few photos of him and his sibling that I took at the same time. I also put together a video of the little owl with a few shots as he grew.

GHO 1st baby

Check out those talons

GHO both babies
Sorry about the blur, I had an old Canon SureShot at the time and they were way up in the tree.

For an idea where these little fellows’ nest was, here is a shot of the tree in the middle of the university campus.


As owl-ways I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog. I invite you to find more wonderful up and down perspective photographs at Travel With Intent!


9 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down: Great Horned Owl in Action”

  1. Oh I love me some owls!! I remember when i was a child, we went on a field trip and visited a Owl place (lol) and we got to meet a whole bunch of them! And feed them and everything, it was one of my fav trips we had!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ((husky hugz frum our pack))

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