Look Up, Look Down: Bird Feeders – NOT

How many of you have bird feeders… that feed squirrels?

This squirrel took about three days to figure out how to eat all the bird food from the feeder up in the tree. It probably would have taken him less time but Buffy Cat kept him out of the tree more times than not.

Unfortunately the birds in our neighborhood never had the chance to use our feeder… I couldn’t afford to keep feeding them AND the squirrel.

As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog. I invite you to find more wonderful up and down perspective photographs at Travel With Intent!


bird feeders

Stay away from my Mom’s bird feeders buddy or you’ll be cattledog chow.


14 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down: Bird Feeders – NOT

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  2. Bongo

    I usually don’t think cats are worth much – but if they can keep those pesky squirrels from being their pesky selves, then I guess I have to change my opinion. You did get some great shots of that squirrel getting into mischief. Those will stand up in court for sure.

  3. Meghan Post author

    good for you!!!!! I just stopped all together. We live in a climate where feeding the birds is not necessary. I do keep a hummingbird feeder for the joy of seeing the little fellows.

  4. Sally

    Oh, we could have a long discussion about these creatures. They seem to multiply and multiply. I finally found feeders that they cannot get into–their weighted at the bottom and holes close when they try to get on it. They get plenty from the ground, but I prefer that they dine elsewhere.

  5. Meghan Post author

    Thanks! Yes birds can be a mess. The other thing that happens is bird seed starts sprouting under the feeder if there aren’t any ground feeding birds, or the cat keeps them away. 😉

  6. Y.P.

    I cannot believe you were able to capture the squirrel in the action. great job! Well my husband’s grandparents had the same problem and I think they hung there feed from a wire – but it never resolved the thievery. ha ha

    and we stopped feeding the birds because it became a nightmare mess. Horrible – droppings everywhere. We bought a water fountain (a very cool 350 dollar one for like 75% off one year) and by the second year – all this birds knew about it – and while it was cool to see beautiful ones show up – like Cardinals – it was just too messy for our fenced in yard that also had dogs – yuck. I ended up giving away that rock water fountain – and while I miss it – it was just not for our life right now – maybe some year.

    anyhow, fun post. 🙂

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