Letters: Rock Face Runes

The WordPress prompt for this week is letters and it dovetails with the rock face image I posted on my From the Back of a Motorcycle post on Monday.

My husband and I go past this bluff often on the motorcycle, when we’re riding around our part of California. Although it’s the same photo I posted on Monday, this one is not cropped, so it shows more of the graffiti carved into the rock.


I’ve divided the two sides up to give you closer views… sorry they are blurry but we were moving at the time.

letters 4

Note how some of the letters are eroding over time… I think those hardy souls who climbed higher might have had the right idea, if recognition was on their minds.

letters 5

Around the corner the bluff continues as do the runes…

letters 2

So many words and names, so many stories… and a stone wall etched into the rock face.

Thank you for visiting. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.


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7 thoughts on “Letters: Rock Face Runes

  1. I’ve been doing posts visits in bulk too. I still haven’t got a set pattern for visiting blogs. No worries my dear.

  2. wow those were amazing, they actually made me feel dizzy, hehe. I still cant view your blog on my chrome viewer which is where I work wp from, so I read yours in bulk at a set time, so apologies that I don’tr reply immediately xx

  3. I remember the first time I saw photos of Greek and Roman graffiti and realizing it has been around as long as humans could scratch their thoughts on a surface. 🙂 Great shots from a moving motorcycle!

  4. Someday I should go take the good camera and shoot from a standing position! An old powershot from the back of a motorcycle doesn’t get much detail.

  5. oh wow – I have never seen rock graffiti – very cool. and the different shots give such a nice feel for this spot. 🙂

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