Kitty Haiku Just for You… FREE!

Buffy Cat’s Kindle Edition of her book, Buffy-Ku (Kitty Haiku) is free this weekend only. Head on over to Amazon to download it.


AND Buffy just published the print copy of her book which has nice large print so youngsters AND oldsters can read it with ease. (You can look inside the book on Amazon even!)


Photo by Jo Danehy

Kuruk Babybear, Photo by Jo Danehy

Buffy has added a dedication page in both editions to Kuruk Babybear for his continued inspiration.


Kitty Buffy has not changed with her new-found fame, but Catrepreneur Jack is already planning a line of products as book merchandise… and of course a sequel. 😉

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day, AND a purr in Buffy’s.

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This is my waterME LION!


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