Introducing FireBonnet Friday

Welcome to my new feature, FireBonnet Friday.

Each Friday I will be posting a vlog (video log) about what I did creatively that week. The idea is to take the mystery out of the creative process. I believe that EVERYONE is creative. And the more we know about how people create, whether it’s music, art, cooking, fixing motorcycles or teaching children, the more we can tune into our own creative souls.

My new mantra and call to action for everyone…


Our world needs healing and I believe we can tune into the true goodness of the world by tuning into our own unique creativity and sharing it.

So, let’s be creative! I’ll start with a further tour of my art hut and a few small projects I did…


Do you know you have a creative heart? What does your creative heart like to do? Are you doing it? Do you make time to let it express itself? Let’s all DO it, let’s uplift our world with our creative hearts. I’m starting every Friday.

Now on a radically honest note… I’m very nervous about the video since it’s my first AND I want to make this feature inspiring and enjoyable. So, I am inviting you to give me feedback. What did you like? What could I have done better? What would you like to see? Please write in the comments here, or on YouTube (you can also subscribe to my channel there). You could also write me an email by hitting the contact me button above. Thank you very much in advance!

I hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you so much for visiting and watching my first FireBonnet Friday (posted on Saturday 🙂 ). You ROCK! To see more of my art hut, view the video tour here.


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6 thoughts on “Introducing FireBonnet Friday

  1. Meghan this was awesome. I cannot believe it’s your first ever video. You speak so well and it was beautifully edited. Well done you sell out. Haha – I mean that lovingly 🙂

  2. Thank you Genevieve! I am going to organize the projects I want to do. Selling journals and original mixed media art on Etsy is one of the things I am planning. I have to start doing some long term planning!

  3. I like the vlog a lot. I think you could sell out and make a ton of money creating and selling those journals. They’re gorgeous. I would buy one for sure!

  4. Meghan,I am so inspired by you! Your creations are wonderful ❤️. I love the video and your voiceover too. Thank you for the tour and showing what you did during the week. I look forward to more videos or is it vlogs? ?

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