cooperthe_cat_ledogI’ve spent the past few weeks managing my health and fitness and looking for full-time, part-time or temporary jobs. I’ve signed up at a temp agency and I’m on and various other online job hunting venues. But that doesn’t take up more than half a day… so what else do I do all day?

I’m glad you asked! I’ve learned about Instagram as social media. For years I’ve used the Instagram app to make my iPhone photos look cool and as a way to post directly to Facebook for friends and family to see what me and mine have been up to.

There is a whole other world out there that I’m just discovering. Please bear with me if you are seasoned Instagramers as I try to explain the baby steps I’ve taken.

I started using #hashtags and discovered whole communities of people out there who share the same interests using hashtags to find each other. Duh you say, that’s what social media is all about. But really, Facebook for me is just family and friends, and I don’t have a knack for Twitter or G+ yet, so this has been my first experience with it.

Well, I found a wonderful world of dog people using tags! #heeler, #australiancattledog and #redheeler… then #muttadventures, #dogsofinstagram and #lovedogs and on and on. Wow there are some photogenic dogs, just like our Cooper. And since Instagram is all about pictures I saw all sorts of terrific dogs and their owners. But more than that… some dogs had their own Instagram accounts!  Like @clutch_the_cattledog and @petertheschnauz and @olive_therapydog and @dakotablueheeler to name just a few… They are filled with pix of these great dogs and their adventures, big and small, with their people.

What a great idea I thought!  Cooper could have his own account since I have scads of Instagram photos of him through the past two years. I went further than that though.  His struggles with dealing with my two cats when we all came to live together have been humorous and make for an epic story.  I made an account for all three of them, telling the story of their co-existence from each of their perspectives.  And of course, @cooperthe_cat_tledog now has three times as many followers as my @firebonnet account does!  It’s great fun to try to get into the heads of my friends Cooper the Red Heeler, TuxedoJack and BuffyCat as they interact daily and then try to speak their thoughts through their photos.

Even if you don’t have an Instagram account you can still enjoy the antics of Cooper and cats by simply going there from your computer (or smartphone). Just head to the link twocats_anda_cattledog to see their adventures.  Since the posts are ordered with the most recent first, you can get the whole story by heading to the last picture, reading the text and then moving forward.  They have quite a story to tell!!!! (Of course you can also simply enjoy each picture on its own!)

Here is a preview of the tale of these three critters from the beginning, taken from their Instagram account… (If you click on a photo it will take you to a slide show)

It’s been great to delve into this new world while I nervously await an interview or two… I’d love to have you stop by and “like” a few of my Instagram shots and even better, follow us @twocats_anda_cattledog!


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