I’m Playing with my Art!

 I’m going on a retreat to play with my art.

Every day I want to feel that divine creative tension between the Universe and me, which starts with a creative spark in my mind, and moves through my heart to my hands and into the project. Daily, I want to have that sense of freedom and peace that I get when all my cares and outside expectations are muted, and I’m alone with my art supplies. And each day I want to come to my artistic creations with a childlike wonder, and an intention to simply have fun in a co-creative dance with Source. So, I’m going on a retreat to play with my art!

Or is that art my play?

How long is my retreat? 90 days! And where is this retreat? It’s wherever I am on any particular day when it’s time to make something. What makes THAT a retreat? My intention…

I commit to myself, for the next 90 days, to have a creative collaboration with curious and sparkling Universe every day… for play. And to document it… for play.


Since I want to entice my child-like wonder to come out to play, I made a game. I put 150 simple art prompts in one jar and 150 journal prompts in another. The third jar is for claim checks. Before I start, I write any nagging, negative, or distracting thoughts on the claim check and put it in the jar… after ripping off the bottom end if I want to retrieve it later … NOT!


One of the best parts of a game is having my very own cutout avatar… see that’s me with the wings. The creature beside her is Sylvia, my creative spirit guide in her own foxy avatar.  The three women to the right are The Furies, as Martha Beck calls all your negative, vituperative, soul crippling, critical inner voices. The fourth woman in black & white is my ego. Her name is LooLoo, and she tends to run on fear. All four of those women get to go to the mall (aka the fashion page in a magazine) during my play date with creativity.

Today is Day 1 of my Art-Play retreat.

I picked three art prompts and one journal prompt last night to test out my game. The jars were a great success, I could get my hand easily inside to ruffle, eyes closed, through the prompts while I thought happy intentions for the art project and process.


I was so pleased with this test pull, I decided to use them for my first page today. This morning I started by using clear gesso with a stencil… then added sepia transparent acrylic with my fingers.


The minute I saw insect on the prompt, I knew I wanted to use a spider (I know it’s not technically an insect, mea culpa). The “Heartbreak” prompt was a stumble until I realized I could use an antonym or transmute it. When I turned heart-break into heart-mend, the spider image begged a companion, so I went to my computer. Spider, black cat… Halloween… what’s not to like?


The minimalist style was a welcome challenge, I tend to get very busy in my art journal pages, almost overwhelming myself! I played for a bit with just a few elements and came up with this.


I’m very happy with the outcome! I love the simple page with lots to see and feel (both meanings). I am excited that my rough plan came together so well for the first day. I look forward to tweaks and additions/subtraction as my retreat goes on.

I will be documenting my art-play on Instagram and my Facebook page each day.

In the spirit of documenting this with play, I’m going to sign off now… I enjoy a shorter read myself. I’d love to answer any questions my friends, just comment below.

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day.

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