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In July of 2012 I went to my then fiance Tim’s Idaho ranch for the month.  Each day I posted Instagram photos with captions to Facebook to bring my friends and family along on the adventure. We are taking off for Idaho again in a week and I thought I’d share a few of the moments I recorded last year.  There is a companion post to this one called Countdown to Idaho! Reading it will give you a frame of reference for these photos.  If you’d like to see the photographs in a larger format, just click on one then click-through the slide show. I plan on taking my friends along on the adventure again this year in the Idaho Chronicles here on this blog.  After the gallery I have included the text of our wedding vows for any of you romantics out there.  They’re sweet, simple and fun.

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Meghan & Tim’s Wedding Words… 7.12.12

The Reverend

When two souls collide as long lost friends,

There are exchanges that cannot be said in words…

A communication of love & thoughts expressed in a dance of joyful play

& loving respect.

As you enter this union that satisfies your soul,

Enter it not in greed or for self satisfaction,

But to fulfill & bless one another & to say that which cannot be spoken,

But your hearts long to say.

Let your spirits join, meet & embrace,

Let your love be as eternal as your hearts are now, in love.

Tim’s vows to Meghan

If you desire it, you deserve it.

If you can envision it, you will have it.

I promise to make you cry

To make you laugh

To hold you when you need comfort

To tell you words of adoration

To be mischievous

To be playful

To love you.

Meghan’s vows to Tim  (why is it girls alway have more to say?)

When I met you on you answered my favorite question perfectly.  What 5 things would you take to a desert island for a year if your basic needs were taken care of?  Today I wrote a vow for each of the items you chose:

A Trunk of Books… May we continue to stimulate each others’ minds with whimsy, humor & keen intelligence.

A Guitar with Extra Strings… May we ever dance to the music of delight.

A Swiss Army Knife with Lots of Gadgets… May our marriage be filled with great adventures that might need gazillions of cool gadgets.

A Journal to Write my Thoughts… May we continue to woo each other with words.

Photos of Loved Ones… Instead of taking a photo of me to that island, would you take me?  I’ve got my (Swiss Army) knife… (it was tucked in my boot!)

You are my mindmate,

My sensual skin kisser,

My emotional tether,

My soul’s soaring playmate,

My prince in engineer’s clothing,

And my everyday blue jeans partner.

Timothy, will you be my infinite playmate?

The Reverend

Two individual lights, Meghan & Tim, are joining to become a bright flame,

Encompassing their friends in a circle of warmth & increasing light.

I pronounce them husband & wife.

I’ve had fun writing these two blogs, reminiscing about last year and prepaving the way for a glorious July in beautiful McCall, Idaho and our first year wedding anniversary!


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