I: Buffy’s Haiku Thursday #23: Invitation to Jam with Kuruk

Buffy Cat here with a special call and respond haiku jam with Kuruk Babybear.

Photo by Jo Danehy

I met Kuruk, a snowdog, when Cooper the Cattledog, Tuxedo Jack and I started blogging. Since his blog is called Haiku by Ku, I guess you know what it’s about. I had the idea that I might be able to speak in poetry and he encouraged me to try it. That was 23 haiku Thursdays ago. As Ku would say, Wooohooowooooo!

A week ago Kuruk invited me to do a spring themed call and respond jam with him. We’ve emailed back and forth since. For a dog he’s pretty great.

Without further ado, here’s our jam!



Springtime weather’s here

Did it ever go away?

The snow never came


buffy portrait tiny

Snow or no snow

Few  birds to watch in winter

Spring is for feathers



Down feathers of babes

Drift about in the warm breeze

Flowers blossoming


buffy portrait tiny

Springtime is sneeze time

With tall grasses to hide in

The rain comes at night



Rain, rain, go away

Don’t like my fur to get wet

Sun and cool is best


buffy portrait tiny

Cool is nice for Ku

I am a creature of heat

Basking in light divine



On hot sunny days

I dig holes to stay cool in

And play with ice cubes


buffy portrait tiny

Hot days turn to night

Prowling through the neighborhood

Scents and sounds heighten



Hot nights snow pups sleep

Mama and furblings nearby

Dream of winter nights


buffy portrait tiny

I dream in Mom’s arms

Silly cattledog is near

Maybe he needs love



Kisses and cuddles

Ear scritches and tummy rubs

Love grows in the Spring


buffy portrait tiny

Ku you fill my heart

Your fur could serve as my nest

But too hot for spring!

~Kuruk and Buffy~

buffy portrait webKuruk Babybear, thank you so much for this invitation to jam with you. I am honored, and pretty proud of myself for keeping up with you!

Please everyone, or as Ku would say, Efurrybuddy, go visit Haiku by Ku today to see this jam featured on his famous blog (here). (He’s a published author you know!)


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17 thoughts on “I: Buffy’s Haiku Thursday #23: Invitation to Jam with Kuruk

  1. Meghan

    The eyes aren’t really odd colored. They vary in intensity in the light. Sometimes they just look like plain old dull green eyes. But the light was perfect in this shot. I agree that Kuruk IS a stunning dog. He’s an Alaskan Malamute that was rescued from a huge puppy mill up there. His ‘mama’ wrote a book about his rescue and healing.

  2. Eclectic

    Hah that is so wonderful that tickled me pink and what a stunning dog! Great haiku really fun. Your cat doesn’t have odd coloured eyes does she? X

  3. Genevieve

    Nice work, B. I read the jam a minute ago at Ku’s blog. Your work is so …happy! It made my long, slice-of-baloney-tongue stick out with a big doggie smile.

    Love and licks,

  4. Meghan

    buffy here… thank you very much for noticing that Y.P. I actually had a little more graphic way of writing that particular haiku but Mom made me change it… 🙁 I’m glad you caught (pun intended) it.

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