Happy Second ‘Second First Date’ Anniversary Sweetie!

Today is the second anniversary of my husband Tim’s, and my ‘second first date’.

We met online in November of 2009.


We e-mailed lots…


However, we lived over two hours away from each other.

Long drive

But we liked each other so much Tim came to my town to have a first date.

Mama Tosca's

The date was nice and we spent four hours there.  He brought me a red rose, a card, and a Swiss army knife.  He really knows how to woo a girl.


He got really tired going home that night, and it made him very discouraged about us dating any more… even though we liked each other a lot.


He suggested I drive to his town to see what the drive was like for me, so I did.

But when I got there my car got sick and was repaired for a large sum of money


…on top of that, Tim took me on my very first motorcycle ride.   As much as I love riding now (see my post Biker Chick), I was VERY anxious.  Let’s just say the day was nerve-wracking and the drive home that night was realllly long.


We mutually agreed that without living in the same town, it would be much too hard to see if we were romantically compatible.  So we said an e-mail goodbye.


Two years passed with only an occasional hello on Facebook, and a few lame dates with other people for each of us.  The day came when my youngest was graduating high school, and I could see myself free to travel… and a two-hour drive didn’t seem so far away.


I remembered how much I enjoyed my friendship with Tim so I e-mailed him out of the blue and asked if he was still single.  He was.

I tried being subtle, dropping hints that we might try seeing each other again.  He didn’t get it…


So I came right out and wrote… do you want to date?


And after a few nervous hours on my part waiting for the ‘you have mail’ ping… he said:

We already tried dating, let’s just have fun!


He invited me to a party that Friday night… 11.11.11.  It was a reception for his very good friends who were just married.  When I got to his house he had a rose, a card, and a Swiss army knife waiting for me.

Swiss Army Knife

(I’m saving the story of the knife for another blog! 😉 )

We had more than a lovely time that evening, and it ended with a kiss…. or two…. or lots.  It was our ‘second first date’ and after that all we did was have fun!


Tim and I have been together ever since.  We were engaged at Christmas, married that following July and celebrated our one year anniversary last July.

I still get flowers and cards from him often, and we still kiss… a lot.

So Happy Two Year ‘Second First Date’ Anniversary my sweet Timothy!

I love you!

I love you!


 Your FireBonnet!

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  5. Meghan Post author

    It is interesting about timing isn’t it. Not only wasn’t I ready to move physically, but I wasn’t ready to move emotionally. Glad he stuck around for me! 😉

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