G: Cat-tledog Comic Tuesday: Good Grief

Buffy cat here with the letter G… Good Grief!


My furry friends, does this thermometer thing happen to you when you visit the vet? I think we need to band together and tell P.E.T.A.


Don’t you think a protest petition would be a good thing? All I need is your pawprint!

If you want to see more Tuxedo Jack, Cooper the Cattledog and my Cat-tledog Comics head here. Check back next Tuesday for the letter M!




13 thoughts on “G: Cat-tledog Comic Tuesday: Good Grief

  1. Meghan

    Actually Miss Tejera, I rather like the name Phoenix… You know we cats have multiple names… maybe I need a new one. 😉

  2. Linda Arthur Tejera

    HAHAHA! That picture is so adorable! Can’t say I blame Phoenix one little bit. That’s usually one of the first things the vet does and it’s not pleasant, I’m sure! 😉

  3. Gemma

    Good golly! I’d feel the same way!
    Took my Phoenix to the vet last night. The doc came out with her collar in his hand and a few battle wounds! Apparently, cats have an aversion to veterinarians. 🙂

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