From the “Top” of a Motorcycle #7: Ribbons of Road

Whether we ride our motorcycle up a Southern California hill, or the side of a mountain in Idaho, the curving road looks like a ribbon when seen from the top.

This is the seventh post in a series featuring one of my photos taken from the back of our (moving) Honda Sabre Shadow, paired with words I wrote while on a ride with my husband.


Hell’s Canyon area in Idaho, July 2013. Taken with an iPhone 4.


Sky touching falcon,

Fluffy fingernail moon,

Stark white horse flying her tail,

and soft hills winding ribbons of road.

~ experienced from the back of a motorcycle, october 8, 2012~

I wrote these words on a ride in the Southern California hills in the autumn of 2012. The photo was taken this past summer in Idaho. As I said, when seen from the top, the curving roads looks like ribbons no matter what hill you’re on.

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9 thoughts on “From the “Top” of a Motorcycle #7: Ribbons of Road

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  2. Meghan Post author

    Thank you so much Sue! I’ve been doing the WP Blogging 201 course. I’m behind posting about it but I’m getting a lot from it.

  3. Y.P.

    oh wow – what a photo!!!! this is my favorite of your series dear Megahn – and this picture is so gorgeous. and Idaho looks like a gorgeous place!!!


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