From the Back of a Motorcycle #6: New Green

A week ago we rode through the Southern California hills to Malibu, and everything was touched with new green.

This is the sixth post in a series featuring one of my photos taken from the back of our (moving) Honda Sabre Shadow, paired with words I wrote while on a ride with my husband.


April 6, 2014, taken with an iPhone 4 from the back of a motorcycle.


Fields fallow waiting for seed,

yet acres upon acres of strawberries ready for table.

Fresh paddocks sporting new green,

and a camel, two humps, caramel in the sun.

~ beheld from the back of a motorcycle, april 6, 2014~


As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog. And stay tuned for more poetry in motion!

P.S. Sorry I couldn’t get a shot of the camel, he’s always in a different place in his paddock and I can barely find him before we’ve passed.


14 thoughts on “From the Back of a Motorcycle #6: New Green

  1. Meghan Post author

    It really is. I am so blessed to have dropped into my new hubby’s life. Every ride around here is stunning. Of course it helps that he knows every back road there is to know!

  2. Meghan Post author

    It was… in truth there is more of a variety of rides here around Camarillo than there are up in McCall. Which is actually nice as I find fall, winter and spring riding much more comfortable than hot summer.

  3. Meghan Post author

    Thank you! The camel’s enclosure is in a gully and I’m never quite sure where to look. Of course we could always stop, but what fun is that? 😉

  4. Meghan Post author

    There are a few camels and llamas and alpacas around here in different places. It truly was a shock the very first time I saw that huge fellow.

  5. Eclectic

    Hah I can’t believe there was a camel how funny hehe and must have given you a shock. Your so lucky the places you get to go and thanks for sharing it with us x

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