From the Back of a Motorcycle #17: Towering Pines and Deep Streams

This is my first motorcycle poetry post since June… it’s good to be back sharing my rides with you!

This is the seventeenth post in a series featuring one of my photos taken from the back of our (moving) Honda Sabre Shadow, paired with words I wrote while on the same, or different, ride with my husband.



High country around McCall, ID. 7.6.14 taken from that back of a moving motorcycle with my iPhone 4.


Hot air cooled by speed…

Huge nests atop towering pines, 1,2,3…

Cattle grazing verdant green pastures,

and cattails lining slow deep streams.

It’s great to be riding in Idaho again.

~ experienced from the back of a motorcycle, july 6, 2014~

Meghan Deinhard


Here is another shot from the ride. Yes, there are THREE huge raptor nests lining the road heading northwest out of McCall. As often as I tried, I couldn’t get a shot worthy of the grandeur of them as we flew by. Next year I’ll take my fancy camera!


One of the three raptor nests taken with my iPhone 4 as we rode by on the motorcycle.


Thank you for visiting. I wish I could take all of you on our rides with us! Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. :D  Stay tuned for more poetry in motion.

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