FireBonnet Friday – Move to the Music

The Season of Music with the Get Messy Art Journal gang is such a delight!!!!!!

I’m really embracing it, with a soundtrack of memories as I create. I began the season with a focus on dance as an approach to the season’s theme: Dance is music made visible! Take a look….

I LOVE working in my handmade journal. I used a Shutterfly box as the cover and the extra flap inside is such a fun addition to the experience. Yes! An art journal is an experience! … opening the book, viewing the images, feeling the textures, hearing the crackling music of the different papers, touching the ripples from paint and glue, remembering the inspiration for the page and the struggles with execution. Now I need to add some scent.

I’m so happy you joined me this FireBonnet Friday, all about the season of music! Please, please, please feel free to leave comments and questions, either here, or on my YouTube channel or Facebook! I’d love to have you subscribe to my brand new channel… tee hee, I’m trying to get 50 followers by Halloween – spread the word!


Ta ta and toodle-ooo! Thank you for being on this wonderful creative journey with me!

Meghan aka music

5 thoughts on “FireBonnet Friday – Move to the Music

  1. Kelli

    Love your positive, uplifting energy! I can’t believe you have only been art journaling since January!! I love how you did the journaling on those half circles – great idea!

  2. Meghan Post author

    Thanks! I love that one too! The page was made when I found that face of a woman in an ad in a magazine. It had both those sides of the face in it.

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