Fiesta Friday Fun: Party Gifts

I’m going to a virtual party today and I worked this week to create some party gifts for the hostess and her guests.

TGIF! It’s Fiesta Friday at Angie’s place, The Novice Gardener. Many of you know I’m not a cook, so I’m not bringing any food to the party. However, I am an artist and so I am bringing my creations to the table today, literally.

I thought Angie might like a new silk tablecloth so I designed one for her.

party 7

And some matching napkins!


Here is the behind the scenes magic that went into these designs. Click on the first photo and the captions will describe the process in a slide show. Yes, that photo was the first step.

Now that the table is dressed, it’s time for some accessories. I’ve brought vases.

Stock Photo

Stock Photo

And of course flowers.


I have also brought a few gifts for our co-hosts and my fellow guests. I did a little more magic and this is the result.

A photo collage.

Fiesta Collage

A silken rendition.

Silken Fiesta Collage

And finally a little inspiration to go with the collage.

Do What You Love Fiesta

Please feel free to click on whichever image tickles your fancy (to get it to full size), then right-click it and save it to take home with you after the party. I did what I love this week, art and design, and I’m guessing most of you did what you love… cook. Now let’s eat!

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. 😀



30 thoughts on “Fiesta Friday Fun: Party Gifts

  1. Meghan Post author

    You are such a sweetie! Thank you. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to make the designs into real fabric?

  2. Rebecca

    The tablecloth and napkins are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! So elegant and warm! I’m in awe of your talent!!! Go Meghan!!

  3. skd

    Thank you so much for the beautiful take home gifts. That’s very sweet of you. I love all your designs.

  4. Angie

    I happen to have a slight obsession on fabric in general, but silk is my favorite. So, thank you, thank you, for my new silk tablecloth. It will come in handy for the next FF. Excellent work, Meghan! 🙂

  5. Meghan Post author

    Thank you so much Kirsten! I am having so much fun finding non-cooking ways to have fun at the FF party!

  6. Kirsten

    You’re so talented! I’m in awe with how you do this tablecloth and napkins.
    Amazing–and I love the colors.

  7. Kaila

    Thanks for fancying up the party. I love all the designs, and I think my gingerbread cookie would fit quite nicely on that napkin (as well as everyone else’s creations). See you at the next fiesta!

  8. Selma @ Selma's Table

    Hi Meghan – so lovely to see you here again! What perfect gifts to bring with you – Angie will love the tablecloth and napkins – I can just see her styling with them for one of her posts! The vases look really lovely too – I love the silk effects you have achieved. Enjoy FF16 and see you at the next one!

  9. Meghan Post author

    I just love the community of Fiesta Friday guests. It’s a joy to come up with something non-food to bring to the celebration. See you next Friday!

  10. 10 Legs in the Kitchen

    This is so sweet and well done; a kaleidoscope of flowers! Thanks for the co-host gift and bringing your passion!

  11. Meghan Post author

    Wow! Thanks. I was already having fun with lots of apps when I co-hosted the app challenge with JX at weliveinaflat, but she turned me on to so many more. When you get your phone you might think of checking out all of her 12 challenge posts (the challenge itself is over). She is an amazing teacher.

  12. Meghan Post author

    Thanks Justine. It took some time but then all of your cooks take lots of time with your amazing creations. And I am always startled to see how something can change so much when you start to abstract it like part of the flowers being mirrored over and over.

  13. nharvey

    Lovely! I’m really learning a lot from you about the various apps and filters available for smart phones. Until I started reading here I had no idea these things were available. I’m hoping to get a smart phone later this year so I can try some of these things.

  14. Justine

    Hah that was a cute post and wow you put so much effort in to it that must have taken quite some time from start to finish?

    It’s amazing those flowers can end up as that texture x

  15. Meghan Post author

    What a wonderful thing to say! And truly, anyone who can cook like you is an artist. Beauty comes in many guises.

  16. Nancy

    Absolutely beautiful, Meghan! I so wish I could unearth the artist within me. You’ve left me envious with the talent you possess. 🙂

  17. emma

    Thank you, Megan – I love the idea of taking these beauties home with us after the party!
    Emma 🙂

  18. Meghan Post author

    Thank you Elaine. I’m going to have to kick it up a notch to bring more beauty to the party in the future… so many of you cooks are amazing food photographers!

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