Extra, Extra: Ravens Eye View

When my family and I visited Bryce Canyon I found incredible scenery to photograph as well as a few ravens determined to get in the picture.

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Extra, Extra:

This week, share a photo that has a little something extra: an unexpected visitor, or a tranquil landscape with a splash of color. A lone carrot in a sea of peas. Draw us in with a humorous detail, or find a photo with an added element that makes it an image only you could capture.

Bryce Canyon has such amazing beauty, it’s difficult NOT to get a good landscape shot.


As beautiful as the surroundings are, I had fun when a few ravens dropped in to the area where I was photographing. I was able to catch this shot, a bit of extra,extra to set off the scenery. I gave it a vintage look in the post processing.



As an added bonus, these two ravens decided to clown around with my brother and I got this shot!



Nevermore, © Meghan aka FireBonnet


I’m always looking for that extra, extra for my shots! I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. :D

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21 thoughts on “Extra, Extra: Ravens Eye View

  1. Meghan Post author

    Too funny! Yes, I did bring them all the way in my suitcase to Bryce Canyon just for that shot… Love the comment Emilio! 😀

  2. Emilio Pasquale

    No, those raven shots were setups. You have two taxidermied crows that you travel with and use occasionally. It’s OK. Confess. It will make you feel better.

  3. Meghan Post author

    I really like that one too Sally. Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m taking a break from the phoneography challenge for a bit, but I’ll be back!

  4. Meghan Post author

    I know what you mean… take tons and tons to get just a few great ones. Honestly I don’t even remember, but I’m pretty sure the one with my brother was a one shot deal.

  5. Meghan Post author

    Thanks Amy! I have to head on over to see yours and my other friends, but have a party to head to at the moment. I’ll be back!

  6. Amy

    I love these extra captures! Bryce Canyon is very special, the sky is spectacular! The last one, how fun 🙂

  7. Meghan Post author

    That’s interesting! I think these fellows almost enjoyed the company… and the crumbs the tourists let fall!

  8. Mara Eastern

    These are awesome! How many photos did it take for you to achieve the desired effect?! The “Nevermore” picture is so unique and slightly scary 😉 !

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