Joys too exquisite to last,
And yet more exquisite when past.
~James Montgomery

I spent 2011 taking a photo a day of my surroundings and experiences and created a visual biography of that year. I have a number of photos that I put into the class of “looking down”. I took a few photographs of the wild grasses in the Bakersfield, California fields where I lived. For much of the year they look like this, flaxen and fluid.

Ground Squirrel

But in the summer, Bakersfield is a hot and dry place, and its wild grasses become dry and brittle.


I was lucky to catch the image below during the spring after a nourishing rain. It is one of the most exquisite sights I’d seen, a field of fresh green, gold and purple grasses, a joy to behold.

Purple Grasses, ©Meghan Deinhard 2011, for sale in my gallery (here).

As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog. I’m linking to A Word a Week featuring the word contrast.


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18 thoughts on “E: An Exquisite Contrast”

  1. What’s so great about that year is I actually took a lot of shots each day not knowing which I would end up posting, so I have a huge library of (unseen) photographs.

  2. Love the purple grasses! We live in a super dry area–about 12″ of rain per year! Excellent idea to chronicle a year through pictures!

  3. I love the idea of a photo a day for a year! This something I would definitely enjoy doing.

  4. I bet that visual archive from 2011 is a special memory item! How cool – and I liked looking down on these fields w/ you. 🙂 ~yvette

  5. Thank you Ian! It was fascinating. Because i also posted them to Facebook each photo had a caption. It truly was a photo journal of my life. I've since published the photo and caption in 5 volumes using Shutterfly (just for me).

  6. What a great idea, a picture a day for a year, might try this. Thanks for a great idea. Once again beautiful pictures.

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