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Originally published March 1, 2017

In the fall of 2016 I wanted some inspiration for transformation. I was turning 60 and entering my juicy crone years. I sought  guidance from those who had navigated the territory.

The third aspect of the ancient Triple Goddess was the Crone.

The third phase of a woman’s life is after menopause.

To aspire to be a crone

is to want the psychological and spiritual growth

that she symbolizes.

The crone is an archetype

an inner potential that we grow into


Jean Shinoda Bolen

Crones Don’t Whine

I decided to make a special art journal to celebrate 9 juicy crones. I wanted to find women who were in their wise woman decades who spoke to my soul. Women who could guide me with their successes and their challenges. Three women each in three categories: Body, Mind, Spirit. And they had to be my age or older. Those were the only rules.

I found two other art journaling women wanting crone inspiration and we made a group and encouraged each other. Even with this support, life happened, and it took us four months to finish. My women changed during those four months, as did the styles of the pages, but the timing is just fine. I am ready to embrace my wise woman, my crone, with these wonderful women walking beside me.

I began with my mother, Sigrid. My love for my mother goes beyond this lifetime and I am glad to be this wise, compassionate and vivacious crone’s daughter. On the left page I adorned my ancesstresses; may our connection be of the highest light.

Louise Penny is my contemporary and was one of my original picks in the fall. She is a noble woman with a kind and generous heart. And by including her, I include all the wise women in her books set in Three Pines (do you see the three pines?). Louise Penny is the author of the Chief Inspector Gamache mystery series.

I was drawn to Maya Angelou through the writings of Martha Beck (who would be totally in the zine if she were old enough).

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. — Maya Angelou

My new manifesto!

Miranda Esmonde-White is refreshing and fit and light and lithe … all the things I wish to be as I age. Her energy uplifts me when I stretch along with her on one of her videos. I knew I needed to include a body-wise woman to inspire me in one of my weakest areas. And we share a deep love of dance.

Esther Hicks, of Abraham-Hicks, has also been on the list from the beginning. Her joyous essence radiates from the stage when she speaks as Abraham, as well as when she is herself, for they are two notes in the same key.

I am working Julia Cameron‘s creative quest, the book Vein of Gold. I’ve also done The Artist’s Way a few times in my life. The original artist’s prayer I wrote in 2012 is on this page. Julia believes that creativity is a legitimate spiritual path and I have come to believe that is true for me. I used the cover of one of her books for this page and I love it!

I found Byron Katie through Martha Beck as well. I will be spending many moons with these women as my guides, which is a good thing, because I have much to learn from Byron Katie’s The Work. And yet, it is so familiar to my soul. I just found out that Byron Katie suffered from an eating disorder before her enlightenment… a point of affinity (the eating disorder, not the enlightenment…).

Mary Oliver came late in the journal process. I’ve been trying to find my blog’s new vibe and I felt the urge to add ‘Poet’ to ‘Mystic’ and ‘Artist’ in my header. I went to find inspiration and found Mary… she calls herself a praise poet. I love that!

UPDATE: 11.7.17: I chose to let go of ‘poet’ as I realize I’m not as much into words as I once was. I LIKE the idea of ‘crone’ re-envisioned for a new age… a golden time when all ages are respected and honored for their places in community.

Light meets the darkness

Walking the rainbow spiral

Crone is a state of mind

(That was accidental poetry!)

Julia Margaret Cameron is the most recent crone to the journal. I realized I had no artists in my nine, and went looking for a woman of a certain age to tickle my creative fancy in an inspirational way. AND she is perfect for representing the way a woman works with her body perfecting her craft. Her time was with a camera and a dark room, mine is with mixed media and art journals.

UPDATE: 11.7.17 I realize now that I picked a photographer I admired for her imaginative, magical and divinely inspired imagery, pushing the bounds of her medium. I can easily imagine her joy in digital art if she were alive today (digital art is the medium for my oracle cards).

To complete the journal, I found three qualities I admire for each of the women … and I planned to limit it to that… but then all sorts of words started tumbling out, many were shared by them and overlapped… I wrote them on the final double page, with my face, owning them all with strength and pride.

And the first Crones don’t Whine Zine is finished. Thank you Jean Shinoda Bolen for your inspiration over the decades. Thank you Melody and Cheryl for taking this journey with me, keeping me focused yet flexible. And thank you nine juicy women (and your entourages) for starting this journey with me in this fun and kinesthetic way.

Who would you invite into a #cronesdontwhinezine?

UPDATE: 11.7.17: As I celebrate the end of my 60th year, I am celebrating these women by sharing the pages for the first time on IG with #cronesdontwhinezine.




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