Countdown to Idaho!

Portrait of a July Rancher

Portrait of a July Rancher

My husband’s family has a small ranch in McCall, ID. Tim (hubby) saves every vacation day all year to spend the entire month of July at the ranch.  Sometimes his boys join him, almost always at least one of his brothers, with or without their families, comes for a week.  To say that Tim lives for July is an understatement!  The minute we pull into the driveway of the Lazy D Ranch, the exhaustion on his face, after a year of working as a senior lead systems engineer for the Navy, begins to drain away.  After a week of doing chores around the ranch (yes it’s a “working” vacation) the fresh air and peaceful surroundings reinvigorate him.  This year we actually have five weeks, as sequestration has come to the door and the added no work/non-paid Fridays get tacked on to the month.  So there is a good side to everything!

I experienced the ranch for the first time last year.  I had just moved down to Camarillo from Bakersfield to live with Tim (then fiance) at the end of May.  I was super stressed… lots of changes.  I retired from the university I had worked at for 15 years, and my youngest had just graduated HS and I was leaving him in Bakersfield.  To top it off I was very worried that my two cats and Tim’s Queensland Heeler wouldn’t get along at all (we took the dog to Idaho so the cats got used to their new home in peace under the watchful eye of Tim’s sons).  The month of June was pretty hectic, and time flew as we got ready for Idaho … and our wedding.

View from the house to the barn.

I know that Tim was concerned that I wouldn’t take to the ranch.  The house is a converted line shack all of 600 square feet, albeit with a 200 square foot porch! But the 22 acres of woodland and wildflower strewn fields are absolutely heavenly.  I’m not sure he fully realized that I grew up on a farm in New Hampshire and have never lost my love of rural life even after years of living in suburbia.  As I climbed out of the truck and experienced the ranch for the first time I fell crazy in love with it.

My family and friends weren’t able to come up to Idaho for our wedding so I kept everyone involved with our life for the month with daily updates through Instagrams and captions posted on Facebook.  By the time I posted the one of the last night we were there, my Mom shed a few tears with me as we said goodbye to the delightful month on the ranch.  Luckily some of Tim’s family gathered to witness our wedding in one of the fairy glens on the property.  Tim and I wore our own unique garb for the event, he in his motorcycle chaps and boots (our honeymoon was a 4 day motorcycle trip) and I wore a fairytale dress and cowgirl hat. We were married by a good friend and our best man was Cooper the Red Heeler, complete with bow tie.  A lovely, lovely day!

Tim and Meghan and the Best Dog

Tim and Meghan and the Best Dog

It’s now a year later and time to head back up to Idaho!  The countdown has begun and we are packing up the truck and the trailer getting ready to leave next Friday.  Although the days are long for Tim, I can see the excitement in his eyes anticipating five weeks of high mountain air and the joy of working with his hands painting the porch, putting in a wood floor in the kitchen and fixing whatever machines he has stored in the barn that need fixing.  This year my family is coming up … my brother and his family one week and my folks the next.  I’m sure we’ll see at least one of Tim’s brothers, and one of his sons is coming.  And of course Cooper will be with us.

I’m going to keep all of Tim’s and my family and friends who can’t come up updated each day from this blog (and Facebook) again this year.  Anytime you’d like to join us feel free!  The posts will be on this blog under the category “Idaho Chronicles”.  I’ve even learned how to post via email and can keep everyone up to date from my iPhone!  Lots and lots of photos with fun captions I promise.  I wrote a companion blog today called Idaho 2012 which has a slide show of some of my favorite Instagrams from last year and the text of our rather unusual wedding vows!  😉


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  2. Kathryn Mendoza

    Hi Meghan, Sarah and I had hoped to come up to see you both but I am not sure if we can. We(Matthew, Sarah and I) are going to see my family in England for 4 weeks middle of July. I know you will have a fab time 😀

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