Cooper the Cattledog here with some thoughts about being hot.

When you’re hot, you’re hot; when you’re not, you’re not.

Flip Wilson
I heard this quote the other day and I can totally relate. I get warm when I’m  following Mom around on the ranch in the summer. She brings plenty of water for me, and we don’t stay out too long, but still… It’s probably the sun too, after all I am a ginger. And then she’s always stopping to take pictures and takes forever! So this is what I do:
Yep, I find SHADE!
So when you’re hot…

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Finally when she’s done and we go back into the house, even though it isn’t air-conditioned, it is soooooo great.

And when you’re not…

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So you can see I totally relate to Flip Wilson’s thought about hot.


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  1. Hah cooper looks so cute like he’s a right character. He almost looked like a Britosh red fox in one…what fun poor hot doggie

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