Cooper’s Cattledog Musings: The Pet Store

My post today is a poem about going to a pet store.

Cooper sepia

If I had a hundred dollars to spend,

Or maybe a little more,

I’d hurry as fast as my legs would go

Straight to the animal store.


I wouldn’t say, “How much for this or that?”

“What kind of a dog is he?”

I’d buy as many as rolled an eye,

Or wagged a tail at me!


I’d take the hound with the drooping ears

That sits by himself alone;

Cockers and Cairns and wobbly pups

For to be my very own.


I might buy a parrot all red and green,

And the monkey I saw before,

If I had a hundred dollars to spend,

Or maybe a little more.


Rachel Field, “The Animal Store” © 1926


Do you know why I like this poem? There are no cats! Ok, it’s a little weird that there’s a monkey in it, I’ve never seen a monkey when I’ve visited a pet store.

Once in a while Buffy LOOKS like a monkey.

Darn… I guess there’s a cat in the poem after all.


pet store

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16 thoughts on “Cooper’s Cattledog Musings: The Pet Store

  1. Amy

    In 1926 maybe you could do that at the pet store: for us in 2014, it’s 2 jumbo bags of dog food! That is such a cute poem, almost as cute as Buffy’s pictures. My favorite is the one with the bird feeder 🙂

  2. eclectic

    Hah that is wild, she is wild, good grief, not surprised you needed a cat fence for her, great pics though, ninja cat!

  3. Ruckus the Eskie

    Cooper! What a funny poem. A monkey! HAHAH I have never seen or even heard of that before. I wonder how much $100 can get you nowadays though. Also, no cats in the poem..I hate to burst your bubble…but those monkeys pics you display are not MONKEYs! Happy Sepia Saturday friend!

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