Come with us on our vacation to Idaho!

Tomorrow we head off on our yearly trek to McCall, Idaho and our wonderful 22 acre ranch.

mysterious soft sunset idaho

I invite all of you to come with us! Although I would love to say I’m going to keep blogging while I’m up there, I’m not going to commit to it. I will however be updating my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook personal page (not the fan page) almost every day for the five weeks.

If you are an Instagrammer you can friend me HERE.  

If you are more a Twitter kind of person you can friend me HERE (I follow back btw).

And if you favor Facebook I am going to be updating my personal Facebook page with the same stuff so all my friends and family can follow the adventures. I have an option on that account for the public to Follow me without friending me… there is a “Follow” button right on my page, just click it and you will see my pics and status in your feed because I make them public HERE. (I will NOT be updating my fan page – Meghan aka Firebonnet… there’s only so much work a girl wants to do on vacation! lol)

If you don’t have any of those social networks and want to stay up to date, I have put Instagram feed on my sidebar and you can follow along there (it is public, you don’t have to have an account to visit the pics).


If I get the urge, I will post now and then here to the blog, but no promises! I don’t even know if I will be keeping up with Random Moments of Delight (sorry Justine!). You’ll just have to be surprised… 😉 …. (there is one ready to post this Sunday however!)

Here are a few pics I took over the past two days to whet your appetite…

clyde 1

Our trailer is getting fuller and fuller. There are two motorcycles in there and some of the stuff we are moving up to the ranch permanently.

Just like the past two years, Jack cat had to make sure my suitcase had plenty of cat hair.

Just like the past two years, Jack cat had to make sure my suitcase had plenty of cat hair.

Buffy suitcase

And of course Buffy cat had to make sure the suitcase is imbued with her energy.

Cooper suitcase

Even tho Cooper the cattle dog is going with us to Idaho, he wasn’t going to let the cats have all the fun.

If you want to know what kind of week we had last year at this time, I wrote a post about it called Prep for Idaho & the Suitcase Saga… it’s pretty cute.

My blogging friends, I am going to apologize now for not keeping up with your blogs over the next five weeks. I hope to make up for it when I get back! I love you all and wish you a wonderful summer.

xoxoxox Meghan aka Firebonnet



21 thoughts on “Come with us on our vacation to Idaho!

  1. Meghan Post author

    It’s quite different this time around, knowing it will be our home in 10 months… I’m doing more nesting and less vacationing.

  2. Meghan Post author

    Thank you Lisa. I am hoping to keep up with the 1 day 1 world since the hours on vacation are such fun. We’ll see.

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