Growing up we had real Christmas trees.  My parents didn’t put up our tree until a few weeks before Christmas, so it wasn’t all dried out by the time we opened presents.  When I married my first husband, his family tradition was to put up a tree and all the Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving.  I was ok with that and we kept the tradition.  However, being as poor as church mice, the affordable trees from the lots were tiny and most certainly were dry as dust by the time we took the tree down around New Year’s.  I remember the day my mother-in-law bought us our first artificial tree.  I’ve been a fake tree kind of gal ever since. So much easier!

Our First Artificial Tree, Circa 1990
Our First Artificial Tree, Circa 1990


I don’t know about anyone else, but I HATE putting up the lights.  So when I could I palmed that job off on my husband or the boys.

Number two son (rt) and his friend do the lights.
Number two son (rt) and his friend do the lights.

By the time I was a widow and my youngest was in high school, neither of us were keen on doing a huge amount of decorating. We lived in a small apartment so we downgraded to a slim and petite tree, easy to put lights on.  Granted we had to choose which of our many ornaments (collected over decades) we put on it, but it was a wonderful addition to our home.

Cheery fake tree in 2010.
Cheery fake tree in 2009.


Because the tree was so short, I put it on a small set of drawers to give it some height.  Needless to say, this didn’t stop Buffy kitten from stealing ornaments from the bottom of the tree.  I made sure to put fun ones down there for her to snag … she’s got a mouse in this photo.

Christmas trees are really just great big cat toys right?
Christmas trees are really just great big cat toys right?

Since we married, my new husband and I haven’t adopted any joint Christmas traditions.  We are minimalists with our decorations and don’t do a tree.  It’s just us at Christmas; and a fire, some soft Christmas music and some Tennessee Honey liqueur are enough for us.  It’s fine with me!  I don’t have to do lights!  😉



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  1. I love the small artificial tree, it’s so pretty with all the lights on! Your Christmas tradition now sounds wonderful. Trees can be such a hassle that sometimes at the end of December I’m saying “this wasn’t worth it!!”. But every year we find ourselves buying a new one!

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