Christmas Challenge: Day 20 – Our Twelve Days of Christmas

Without looking it up, can you name Santa’s reindeer.  How about the 12 Days of Christmas?

My first thought was that there was no way I could remember those reindeer.  Then on night, after a glass of wine, I started reciting Santa’s call to his reindeer from Twas the Night Before Christmas, attributed to Clement Clarke Moore, and before I even knew it I’d remembered them all.

Now Dasher! Now Dancer!
Now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On, Cupid!
On, Donner and Blitzen!
To the top of the porch!
To the top of the wall!
Now dash away! Dash away!
Dash away all!

It’s funny what things our brains store!  I haven’t read that in years…

As for the Twelve Days of Christmas, I have that down cold.  I was in various choruses for years and we sang this over and over at holiday time.  In 2011, when my husband and I were courting, he began sending me snail-mail cards (we lived 2 hours apart then).  This gave me a wonderful idea to celebrate my love for him at Christmas.  I began making Christmas cards with my own drawings of the twelve days illustrated on the front.  Inside I wrote ‘I love you because…’ for each number of the card. One for the partridge and five for the rings etc… My I love yous ranged from “I love going places with you, even if it’s just to the store.” to “I love that you write music.” to R rated ‘I love yous’ that I won’t post ;).  I sent them each day, the first timed to get to his home twelve days before Christmas day.  Weekends were a little problematic, so he got a few on the same day but that didn’t matter of course.  He received the last three on his pillow at my house, where we spent Christmas together.  Here are the cards I created… all signed, Your True Love, Meghan.


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It was fun to get the cards out again and read all the I love yous.  Wow, we were so mushy about our love!  It rocked!!!!!

As always I welcome your comments on this or any part of my blog.


Me, You and Zu's Christmas Challenge Blog Hop

Me, You and Zu’s Christmas Challenge Blog Hop

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