This week I am appearing as Tuxedo Jack, every teenage kitten (and adult woman’s) heart-throb.

Hello my friends, Jack Cat here with the third installment of my new Saturday Caturday feature Jack, Cat of 9 Names.

heartI decided to make a movie. I feel that I have all the qualities to be a film star, most importantly a tuxedo. I worked my claws to the bone, and finally came up with something I can purr about. I almost called the film Jacques’ Toilette, likening myself to my hero Henri le Chat Noir, but decided that was too pretentious. Please be kind, as this is my first attempt at being a writer, actor, director AND editor on a film.

If the above video doesn’t play, click here for the original.

Talk to the PawPlease, hold your applause… I am a humble spirit.

I would enjoy your critique however, as long as it is laudatory. See you back here next Caturday, with another one of my 9 selves.

 Salud!  Your Heart-Throb, Tuxedo Jack

6 thoughts on “Caturday with Jack, Cat of 9 Names: Heart-Throb Tuxedo Jack”

  1. Yes Cupcake, I take great pride in my beautiful coat, and spend many hours of the day grooming myself. And of course it is exhausting so then I need to nap… it’s a hard life.

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