Cat_tledog Comic Tuesday: Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo Cat Jack here with a piece of advice for you humans out there:

tuxedo cat

Many of you know how mild-mannered, sophisticated, and urbane I am, but belly rubbing is NOT something that I have ever put up with. I am not alone in this, I imagine many of my feline friends will agree that bellys are off-limits. I mean really, do you humans like it when just anybody comes up and rubs your belly when you are relaxed on your back? I thought not.


~Tuxedo Cat Jack~



10 thoughts on “Cat_tledog Comic Tuesday: Tuxedo Cat

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  2. Jackie Bouchard

    Oh, Jack – you are such a tease, cuz there is nothing I like more on a tuxedo kitty than rubbing their belly! But I will take you at your word since I don’t want to lose an arm!

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