Cat_tledog Comic Tuesday: Cats Rule

Tuxedo Jack here introducing you to our Cat_tledog Comic Tuesday with Cats Rule.

On our former blog, Two Cats and a Cattledog we had a Comic Tuesday and our first five comics were part of a series called Cats Rule. We have put them all together here for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

cats rule

Stay tuned for more Cat_tledog Comics as we make our name known here on Meghan aka FireBonnet, our Mom’s blog. You can find our Cat_tledog Comics archives here.

Purrs and barks,

~Tuxedo Jack (and Cooper the Cattledog)~

7 thoughts on “Cat_tledog Comic Tuesday: Cats Rule

  1. Sonel

    Whahahahahha! Totally adorable! Loved it Meghan and thanks for the laugh. Give them both hugs and kisses from me. 😀

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