Cat-tledog Comic Tuesday: Famous Pets on Strike

Yes, you read that right, the famous pets from the well-known blog, Meghan aka FireBonnet, are going on strike if their demands aren’t met.


Stay tuned next Tuesday to see if there is a resolution to the strike, in the meantime there will be no Buffy’s Haiku Thursday or Caturday with Jack, Cat of 9 names. Even Cooper is keeping a low profile. Keep your paws crossed that all will be well with FireBonnet and her Fur Family.

~Journalist Jack~


Famous Pets on Strike


8 thoughts on “Cat-tledog Comic Tuesday: Famous Pets on Strike

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  3. Meghan

    Excuse me? Justine, that was all my pets doing… I am not the crazy one, it’s Jack! He’s the instigator (ok, maybe I had a little bit to do with it 😉 )

  4. Meghan

    No worries Jenna, the negotiations are going well. There will be a pet post written by one of them once a week. So four in a month. (except for July and August) However, I have permission to post about them anytime I want.

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