Cat-tledog Comic Tuesday: Cat Memes

Buffy Cat here with some cat memes for your comic pleasure.

Last week I posted a picture of myself on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. I asked our friends what a good caption would be. Here are the results so far.

meme tax time

Thank you Shawn Farwell, our Facebook fan… we know what’s on YOUR mind!

Meme daahling

Thank you @yookiechan on Instagram, now we know why they call you ‘her princessness yuki’.

Meme cowdog

And thank you Jan Swanson on Facebook for understanding me so well.

meme mwahaha

Thank you @karenjudd on Instagram for my personal favorite.

meme dog fart

Thank you Dad (NOT) for this one… I’ll never get that olfactory memory out of my nose now.

cat memes

Really Mom? this is the best you and your BFF could come up with? Geez, you’ll never win the cat memes sweepstakes. On the other hand, it is exactly how I feel.

I’d be happy to have anyone else chime in. I’ve already been made a fool of so we might as well go all the way. Does anyone else have a caption you’d like to add?


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