Buffy’s Haiku Thursday #18: Pbbbt

Buffy here with a ‘pbbbt’ at another haiku Thursday.


It can be a chore,

Writing haiku every week –

Sunlight calls my name.


As you can see  in the pic, I’m sitting next to my blogging calendar… and it seems that Thursdays actually happen once a week. Who knew? So since the title of all my posts is Buffy’s Haiku Thursday, apparently I’m supposed to write a haiku a week. Well I say pbbbt! I’m going to petition to get rid of Thursdays at least two times a month. Anyone interested?

Thank you for reading my haiku and let me know if you’d like to sign my petition.

~The Buffster~

P.S. for any of you who don’t know what ‘pbbbt’ is, it’s internet English shorthand for blowing a raspberry.

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13 thoughts on “Buffy’s Haiku Thursday #18: Pbbbt

  1. Eclectic

    I’m not sure what a haiku is ? Bit def get rid if not enjoying hehe

    I just love that pic it’s fab your cat has such character x

  2. Meghan

    Did you just compare my pawesome poems to one written by that D.O.G? So pbbbt to you Dad. And if you’ll notice I DID write it.

  3. tim

    just takes 2 words a day for the next week, and then you have it!…Jack just told me his new one……I get my kicks from Coopers licks and tricks. Yawn! time for a nap.

  4. Meghan

    Aw thanks Kuruk. Maybe it’s because it’s been so rainy and lately the sun has finally come out and all I want to do is enjoy it. Maybe next week I can write an ‘inspired’ haiku about sun!

  5. Kuruk

    Buffy, you are doing pawesome! I wrote one almost efurryday fur almost a whole year! Woowooooo, that was tough!
    Now I am “retired” and feel more inspired when I compose my haiku. Woooooowooooooooooo!

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