Buffy’s Haiku Thursday #19: Guest Poet-Cat Jack

Buffy here, today I have a guest poet doing the haiku honors.

Please welcome Poet-Cat Jack!


Hey all you cool cats out there. I’m here to help you chill with a haiku just for you. As you know Buffy features a photo and a haiku every Thursday, and since it looks pretty easy, I put on my glasses and beret and went to find my muse. All I found was Cooper. Since the best writers work with what they have at hand, or in this case paw, here it is!

Poet Jack haiku

I get my kicks

from Cooper’s licks and tricks –

Yawn! Time for a nap.

~Poet Cat Jack~

(Poet-Cat Jack mugs now available here.)

Please leave your praise in the comment section…

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…Stay Cool…

And today is Thoughtless Thursday with Ruckus the Eskie and Love is Being Owned by a Husky.

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16 thoughts on “Buffy’s Haiku Thursday #19: Guest Poet-Cat Jack

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  2. Meghan

    Well Bongo, I get along well with Cooper, at least from my point of view, but Buffy has written some pretty bad things about Cooper in some of her posts… so she would sympathize with Scratchy. I of course would charm you totally and we would get along… Jack

  3. Justine

    That’s a cute pic with glasses and the pair of them cuddled up it’s lovely they get on so well xx

  4. Meghan

    Yes, well, Cooper and I are getting along better and better now. It has taken me almost two years to train him, but we handsome tuxies have a lot of patience. I’m sure you and I would get along famously Ruckus, we both have gorgeous coats! Yours truly, Jack.

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