Buffy here … my haiku for today is called Detente with Dog.


Cat and dog detente.

How much more will he whine at me?

Mom was mine first.


Catrepreneur Jack and agent extraordinaire.
Catrepreneur Jack and agent extraordinaire.

Some of my friends have suggested that I put together a book featuring my haiku. That sounds like an interesting idea. I’ll have my agent Catrepreneur Jack look into it.

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14 thoughts on “Buffy’s Haiku Thursday #17: Detente with Dog”

  1. Thank you Sonel. I am glad you enjoyed my foray into the world of the poetic. (and Mom thanks you for the photo kudos… she HAD to get her phone out since it’s a pretty rare happening… Cooper and I don’t get that close very often)

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  3. Aw, thanks Kuruk. Catrepreneur Jack is thinking that we should only do a kindle edition. That way no cost involved in producing a paper one. We’ll look into it when Mom gets her act together and helps us look at the ins and outs. It’s hard to have to depend on our typist for action…

  4. Apaws again Buffy! I was thinking for doing a haiku bookie toowoowooooo, but have put that on hold because my first bookie is slow in sales. Maybe we could collaborate? Trying to get my creative pupness going again. Woo!

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