Buffy the Lizard Slayer


Buffy the Lizard Slayer

I had a rare treat this morning as I lay in bed.  My youngest cat Buffy came and cuddled in my arms.  What is rare about that you ask?  Well, a year ago she, my older cat Jack, and I moved into my then fiance’s home…. and he has a D.O.G.

Cooper the D.O.G.

Cooper the D.O.G.

Buffy was only a year old and had never experienced a dog.  And the dog, a Queensland Heeler, wasn’t particularly … how do I put this … ahem … calm.  After all, if something runs aren’t you supposed to chase it?  It made perfect sense to Cooper, to the cats’ dismay.



Jack the Cat

Jack the Cat

Jack, the big Tuxedo cat, has a live and let live philosophy and eventually, by sheer laziness, taught Cooper that chasing was futile (he would just plop down and not budge).  Buffy, however, being a kid, wouldn’t pussyfoot around ;).  She led Cooper on merry chases and learned to leap the back fence in a single bound (quite a feat, it being 6 feet tall and all).

This year has been a trial for Cooper as well as the cats.  First he had to learn that the cats were part of the family and not prey.  Then he had to figure out how to herd them (heelers are herding dogs).  We all know the success rate for cat herding.  His version, after a year of developing his style, is to try to control where the cats can go in the house.  If Jack is in the closet, Cooper will stand at the door pointing his nose at Jack trying his best to communicate that Jack should stay there.  Of course Jack ignores him about 75% of the time, and will saunter on past him which makes Cooper whine and look confused.  The other 25% he’ll lay down about a foot from Cooper’s nose as if to say, in that inimitable cat way… I meant to do this.



Back to the cuddling part.  Our bed is a bone of contention (sorry couldn’t help myself 😉 ).  Cooper believes that it is his territory, and my husband and me his flock.  Whenever one of the cats jumps up for a cuddle he is quite insistant that they get off.  The cats and I have learned how to deal with this by keeping Cooper in the middle of the bed and the cats on the other side of me.

Don't you get any closer!

Don’t you get any closer!

Unfortunately, Cooper is a bit of a whiner and will stick his nose as far as possible onto me while he makes as much noise as he thinks he can get away with before he gets sent off the bed.  With Jack, he settles down rather quickly since Jack just ignores him.  But Buffy doesn’t like all the fuss and the cuddle isn’t worth having to be that close to the D.O.G.

Now perhaps you can see why it is so special when Buffy comes to cuddle and actually stays to sleep.  Cooper was even on the bed this morning doing his usual “you shouldn’t be here” routine but she stuck it out and let him calm down and we all fell back to sleep.  It was simply lovely.   


lizardP.S.  I call Buffy the “Lizard Slayer” (instead of Vampire Slayer, her namesake) because she brought me a seemingly lifeless lizard one day.  I was quite impressed as all she’d ever brought me before was a grasshopper and a snail. Don’t worry… it wasn’t dead, merely de-tailed.  I put him back outside where he stopped playing dead and scurried away.

P.P.S.  As I was finding photos for this blog, I came across some from Buffy’s first year and decided to share.  After all, few things are cuter than kittens!  The captions are the original ones I used when I posted them for my friends and family on Facebook.  (I’m sorry the white words are hard to read when against a light background… not sure how to change that!  Just pause the slideshow to read…)

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4 thoughts on “Buffy the Lizard Slayer

  1. Meghan Post author

    Thank you… and very true! Just yesterday Buffy almost caught a fledgling bird. But it made it into the tree in our neighbor’s yard. Phew!

  2. tim

    ah yes the “dogged cats”….interesting how Jack has duped Cooper into chasing him into the closet, such that the “chase” gets our attention. And when we check it out, there is Jack standing next to his empty food bowl. Who is training whom?….the “D.O.G.” never had a chance…:)

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