Blogging 201-Day 1: Let’s Get Serious

I’ve decided to join the WordPress two-week challenge called Blogging 201, Branding and Growth, because I’m ready to get serious about blogging.

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Michelle W at says this about the challenge:

Branding, Growth, and Traffic is a 14-day challenge to give your blog’s growth a serious kick start. We’ll help you:

Define your blog’s brand and make sure it’s effective and consistent.

Build your audience both within, and without.

Understand and use your blog’s stats to grow your traffic.Make the most of your existing posts, to bring them ongoing attention.

I found out about the challenge today, which is day one, so my answers may be a little more spontaneous than I’d like, but I’ll do my best.

Today’s assignment: consider what you want to accomplish with your blog. Write down three concrete goals you want to achieve.

Question 1: Why do you blog?

I blog is a form of self-expression for me. I am an artist and I enjoy creating. I love the challenge of putting together images with text to convey a thought or feeling or sentiment, and to share that with others. But I also blog because I am a uplifter. A quote I live by is:

Every day, I wish to make the world more beautiful than I found it.

~Madame de Pompadour

That is why I started blogging, to share joy, beauty and humor with others.

Question 2: If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?

This is where I get nervous… it’s not easy to share with people, or even myself, what my dreams are for this blog. But this is why I signed up for the challenge… so I’m going to get serious, and dream 😉 .

I would love to have thousands of people who read my blog to brighten their days. I’d love to have delightful conversations in the comments, sharing joys and sadness. I want people so excited to read my next post that they click on my “new post” email first thing each morning when they go to their computers or tablets or phones. I’d have hundreds of people, from all walks of life, enjoying my daily posts so much that they buy my artwork and products because they inspire them.

Oh, and Jack Cat is serious about having his coffee mugs (here) in every kitchen around the world, and Buffy Cat wants to publish her haiku in an e-book which would sell like hotcakes of course. Cooper the Cattledog just wants to be faithfully at my side no matter what.

Michelle W. goes on to say,

Answering these questions helps you create a vision for your blog. Next, translate that vision into three specific goals.

Three specific goals… hmm. Here goes.

  1. Attract more followers (email, WordPress and RSS), increasing 30% by September 1.

  2. Increase my daily traffic 30% by September 1.

  3. Socially interact with other bloggers on their blogs, as well as my friends on Facebook and Pinterest  2 hours a week.

Personal bonus goal: Have over 100 subscribers to my new monthly newsletter by my birthday in late November.

I feel good putting down solid goals. I think I’m going to like the next 14 days as I get even more serious about this fun thing called blogging.

When I first met my dad's kissing partner I wasn't sure we were going to get along. But when she became my mom we decided to love each other forever.  (Even though she has... cats)
Truly, Cooper’s goal is to be my companion… A great mission indeed.

See you tomorrow for day two.

Thank you for visiting. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. Cheers!


14 thoughts on “Blogging 201-Day 1: Let’s Get Serious

  1. Thank you so much Donetta! I find it sad that Blogger and WordPress don’t interact well. It is very frustrating to me. All of my pet blogger friends are on Blogger, and Photo friends are on WordPress… Argh. I’ve ended up using Feedly to try to keep up with both. Not easy! Thank you so much for your support. You rock.

  2. I actually joined one of these blog challenges and how to build my blog up. I think where I had the hit and miss was I used my blog on WordPress where I have a lot of followers whether they read my post or not. Meanwhile, my first blog on Blogger, is where I should have started. It’s my baby, where I actually after 20 some years of writing poetry, began to share my work for strangers and friends alike to read. This seems like a wonderful challenge. My birthday is in late November too. 22nd to be exact. Where it actually falls on Thanksgiving ever so many years. I would love to read your newsletter and hope me subscribing brings you closer to your goals.

  3. Thank you sooooo much Mara. I’m glad you find it a happy place. I gave up on WP Reader. Yes, it’s easy to comment and like from the reader, but it isn’t trustworthy, especially not on my tablet. I’ve moved to Feedly… at least I can trust that everyone is there and since I see them like a magazine I can choose which posts to visit. For some people I only visit their WP Weekly Photo Challenge for instance. Easy Peasy.

  4. best wishes in 201 – I think all the little things we do help us “grow into our blog” as it unfolds and takes on its shape and all that – and well, looks like fun!

  5. Hi Meghan, you look great, and I love your art work. I hope that you get more followers and meet all your goals!! The campus misses you.

  6. Whew! You’ve been very active recently, you’re firmly on your way to achieve your blogging goals! It’s funny, many of your posts (now it seems most of them) don’t show up in my WordPress Reader, so I’ll need to remember to check back regularly to see how you’re doing 😉 I love your joy-filled colourful and happy place!

  7. Great answers and welcome on board the 201 train with me he he! I think/hope this challenge will give us some greater knowledge and insight how to progress and provide more. Ps I loveeee your hat it’s sooo cute! X

  8. I don’t know how you do it. I wish the two worked better together. I find it difficult on WP to interact with the Blogger bloggers (tee hee). I don’t need another challenge but this comes right at the time I was working on this by myself anyway… Thanks for commenting!

  9. Good luck with the challenge! Just the questions alone would be tiring me out lol. I have two blogs, one on WordPress, the other on Blogger…….I think I will just pretend I never knew about the challenge lol

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