Biking to Breakfast

“6.16.13 Father’s Day at the Golden Egg Cafe in Ventura. I have so many motorcycle brunch pix of this place! A fave!

MC Ride 6.16.13

MC Ride 6.16.13

This was my photo and Facebook/Twitter post for today, another in the tradition I have of taking a photograph of every place we eat when we are on a motorcycle ride.  I thought I’d share some of the other photos I’ve taken of The Golden Egg over the past year and a half… wonder if I could get our next brunch there comped, for all this free publicity!  I simply love riding to a romantic meal with my wonderful husband.

Why would I share with you such a mundane thing as brunch photos from motorcycle rides? Because I’ve learned that it is the daily, weekly, monthly “moments” that make life special. I like to celebrate as many as I can. When I do, I notice more and more of my moments are ones to treasure.  It’s a reminder to pay attention to our mundane miracles…



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