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Nov 27I’ve been anticipating this weekend with glee. It’s been two long weeks since we’ve gone cruising.  Yep, that’s me… a biker chick… Who would have thought that this artistic, whimsical, nose always in a book, silly heart of a girl would grow up to LOVE riding motorcycles!!!!!  It’s a conundrum.

My first ride ever was in December of 2009.  It was on my second date with this guy who lived 2 hours away and I drove to see him (we’d met online and he’d come to see me a few weeks earlier).  There is more to the date that I will leave for another time, but as for the motorcycle ride… it can be described by what I asked him early in the ride:  ”Is there booze where we’re going?”  That was our last date.

Fast forward two years… I decided to look that guy up again.  I was still single and remembered the date, and the ride, a little more favorably.  After all, it was fun leaning into those curves… and the wind on my face and the immediacy of scents and sights was pretty cool. Low and behold, he was still single and interested in seeing me, although he prefaced it by saying that we’d already tried dating, let’s just have fun. So we had LOTS of fun… and long story short… we fell in love and were married this past July.

Our courtship was really awesome and involved flowers and jewelry, oodles of cards, emails and texts flying fast and furious, and lots of motorcycle rides.  Big happy sigh.  We live in Southern California in a part where the rolling hills are perfect for riding… and close enough to the coast for delicious trips past the pelicans and surf boarders.  Each time we go out we have a meal at our destination, brunch, lunch or dinner, and then head home a different way.

My hubby is a Honda kind of guy and has had about umpteen million different bikes since he first learned to ride at age 14 (I did ask him and that’s the official number 😉 ). He is a self-proclaimed motorcycle putterer.  I think between here and our ranch in Idaho he has 20+ bikes in various forms of repair ranging from turbos to dirt bikes. (You take your life in your hands when you try to walk through our garage…)   Although I’ve ridden his red turbo (picture below) and thrilled to the speed, we usually tour on his Honda Shadow Sabre 1100.  We even rode it on a 4 day honeymoon through Washington, Idaho and Montana… it wasn’t even embarrassed by that “Just Hitched” sign on the back.

I guess I can’t stop being artistic, even on the back of a motorcycle.  I took to writing imaginative descriptions of the rides in my head to tweet when we got home.  Since Twitter is limited to a certain amount of characters, my thoughts were almost poetic in their expression.  I’ve included a few here, fancied up by using an app called Whims.  My hubby, Tim, enjoys reading them since his experience as the driver is so very different from mine as a passenger.


I mentioned that we always eat halfway through the ride. It’s part of the special nature of the experience for us… like a date.  I began taking photos of the places we ate at and posted them on Facebook to let my family know what we were up to (and to make my friends jealous 🙂 ).  I’ve gotten pretty creative when we go to the same place often, so I don’t repeat myself!

Why do I love to ride?  Just imagine what a dog must feel like when he sticks his head out the window of a moving car, and smiles with glee… it’s like that.  The excitement of moving fast, and traveling somewhere, and wind whooshing by, and sounds surrounding you.  Smells overwhelm, senses soar, thoughts are freed and life is intense.  And then that we are sharing that experience makes the ride so much sweeter for my husband and me.

So I AM a biker chick.  And a biker poet.  And in love with a biker/putterer.  And a lover of the curvy road…. And I can’t wait for our next ride.


3 thoughts on “Biker Chick

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  2. Meghan Deinhard Post author

    Thank you Barbara! And you are so right that freedom is not a matter of speed, but it’s pretty fun! And I’ll be adding a whole blog with my motorcycle tweets, I have a lot more. And I WILL keep writing them. I’m so happy you commented.

  3. barbara orenya

    Lovely story..;) so romantical and rock & roll at the same time ..! ^_^ Riding gives a feeling of freedom, I used to like that with the father of my children a long time ago…Now, a few years and an another beloved later, I ride my bike and have learned that freedom is not a matter of speed…^_^ Have delightful rides Meghan and go on writing your poetic tweets..!

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